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Conclusion of shake up

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 5:13pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Hey guys,

As the title of this article suggests, I am writing to you to confirm the conclusion of the recent internal shake up we have been having. As of today, the new head of the command structure is comprised of myself as CO, B'rur as XO and now Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders as Chief of Security and Second Officer. This is a decision I'd reached a long time ago, but wished to discuss with him first before simply implementing it.

We are also now in the midst of our new mission, the Pelarik effect, and tomorrow, I shall be announcing the winner of the class change vote. I have been discussing the matter with the TFCO, and tbh, I may well go back and retcon it so we're taking the new ship for the experiment rather than the NPC one.

Welcome to the new age ladies and gentlemen. May our course remain straight and true.



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