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Oops We Did It Again

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2016 @ 5:41am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

We won UoM. Got lost in the game. We are so awesome!

Bad re-writes of Britney lyrics aside, if we keep this up, I'm going to have to put an extra tab on the site just for the awards! Seriously, in the last year, we've won UoM 4 months over 12; that means that, on average, we're winning it once out of every three months! This is a great achievement and you should all be really proud!

The nomination was as follows;

"Starbase 47 had a great month this month, adding new crew and massively increasing their post count. They’re settling in very well to their new location as the only Starfleet outpost in the Delta Quadrant, near the terminus of the Barzan wormhole. They are wrapping up their first full mission in the Delta Quadrant, an attack by the Borg on the station, and, in the words of their website, they now sit as a testament to Starfleet fortitude under adversity. They’ve also launched a new mission, “The Ghost of Deck 666,” which looks exciting. Overall, Starbase 47 has a cool concept and an active crew, and they are really taking that concept and running with it."

Well Done Guys.


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