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For a friend

Posted on Mon Mar 9th, 2015 @ 1:27am by Commander B'rur

When the news of Mr. Nimoy's passing came to us. It was an sad day for all SCI Fi fans, young and old. Mostly for all those who love Star Trek. We all knew this day was coming. When, it was, no one knew. We've been ready, but, like an mission in the military, the lost just hit hard and no doubt, left some of us, if not all, in tears. We've spent time with Mr. Nimoy, watching him, growing up with him on the big screen and small. We called him our friend, even if we only meet him briefly at Cons. He was a friend, a father figure, I myself, saw him as a battle buddy. Unknown to him, he helped get me through Hell and back. So just remember, he isn't gone, just moved to the out rim (yes B5 ref here). As long as he's in your hearts, he's never far away.

aka B'rur


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