Last Updated: 06/08/2018

The following rules apply:

1. Please follow all Obsidian Fleet rules and guidelines. They can be found at

2. Treat all players with respect.

2A. Do not hijack other player's characters (both PC and NPC). This is a strikeable offence dependant on circumstances.

3. Inactivity without communication for 7 days will result in a strike.

3A. Inactivity for 21 days without communication will result in removal from the sim.

3B. Minimum tagging limits are in effect. As of the last rule update, this is set at one every five days. Preferred tagging time is 72 Hours. This will not be a strikeable offence unless it is breached multiple times. (As of this update, three times, then a strike will occur each time the rule is breached thereafter)

3C. Regarding all above rules in section 3, they may be countermanded provided a member of the command staff, preferably the CO, is made aware that tags will not be reached in the above time frames.

4. Minimum word count of 300 words per Single Post applies.

4A. In the case of Joint Posts, the minimum word count will be 300 words multiplied by the number of players in the post. For example, if four players are in a post, that is 300 words times 4 players, meaning the minimum word count for the post will be 1200 words.

4B. In regards to rule 4A, the total word count takes precedent over the word count per player. This is what will be checked.

4C. Posts will be spot checked for compliance with the rules.

4D. These rules will not result in strikes unless a player is found to be continually flouting them.

The CO reserves the right to change these rules without notice at any time.