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Wolff is a Luna class Starship attached to Obsidian Fleet's TF47 as the flagship of the Task Force. Currently, the ship is sat in spacedock, awaiting new crew members before departing to mediate a border dispute.

The ship is crewed primarily from former members of the crew of the Starship Asphodel, and Starbase 47with her former CO, Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, having received Command of the ship. Now, along with his intrepid crew, Admiral Lancaster has the dual duties of helping to explore this uncharted Dark Frontier and to monitor both Starfleet and Klingon Operations in the Delta Quadrant, seeking out new life, and new civilisations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

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An Obsidian Fleet Simulation

Latest News Items

» Character Creation on IFS2

Posted on Tue Oct 10th, 2017 @ 7:59am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster in Out of Character

Hey guys,

As some of you are aware, character creation recently went live on IFS2. Now, I have a favour to ask of all of you. I need you to create your character on IFS2 (go to http://obsidianfleet.tech/my-characters/ and you'll be able to do that, you'll need to create an account if you haven't already). This is due to the fact that, when we do finally have our rosters live, I will need those characters existing so I can populate the Wolff's roster with each and every one of you.

As an aside, if anyone knows of any players who are looking for a new sim, why not ask them to check us out? I think we've got a pretty cool thing going.

Thank you for your help in this matter.



» New OF Updates

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 8:26am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster in Sim Announcement

Hey guys,

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to you all, for sticking with us in these really difficult times. I thought I'd open with that as I feel I don't say it enough.

Now, to business.

As some of you may know and some of you may not, yesterday was "Obsidian Day", the celebration of Obsidian FLeet's Anniversary. A number of new things were announced, many of which will be released in a sum up later today, which I will share with you all as soon as I see it.

However, here is the sum up of what's important;

OF has a new website. Everyone is required to have registered on this new site NO LATER than 29/09/2017. However, we're better than that. I registered first thing this morning, and I'd like to see you all registered within 2 weeks. That's not an official deadline, it's a request from me. The site is http://obsidianfleet.tech

The next point is that the Task Force Structure has had a shake up. There's no longer a Senior Task Group CO position, and we're no longer the Flagship for 47-A. As of last night, I am now the TFXO for TF47, which moves us into the independent Task Force, with me acting as the TGCO for that group. Whether that entails a Task Group Flagship point in that Task Group for us I need to enquire. Until I'm sure, I won't be updating the home page since I am still acting as interim TGCO for 47-A, so we can still claim that point.

That is the primary information that I wanted to share with you on this today. As an aside, I'm planning on trying to get this mission completed by the end of next week, and then we'll be beginning Season 5 as of that point. I'll send out details of what it will involve in the next couple of days.

Any questions, shoot me a message.

Have a good day guys.


» Dealing with site issues

Posted on Sat Feb 4th, 2017 @ 7:41pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster in Out of Character

Hey guys,

Currently, we're suffering some website issues, affecting the ability to see posts and tag. If you encounter this issue, incognito browsing in windows chrome does allow for circumventing it. However, after each action, the site does require reloading in a different incognito window. It's a pain but does allow for normal operation during this time.

The issue is being worked on and will hopefully be resolved soon.


» Further to my earlier announcement

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 5:05pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster in General News

Hey guys,

Effective from now, we're being transferred to the USS Wolff. I'll be updating the site to reflect this, and don't worry. There's going to be an explanation for it that'll be awesome.


» The votes are in!

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 11:55am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster in General News

Hey guys,

So, the votes for the class change are in. The final tally was; 3 for Luna, 1 for Century and 2 abstains.

I have therefore contacted the TFCO and will be beginning the process to have us transferred in short order. Once it's confirmed, I'll be going back and retconning posts to put us on the new ship for the test.


Latest Mission Posts

» Dinner With The Boss

Mission: Shoreleave
Posted on Fri Dec 15th, 2017 @ 7:26pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Oliver sat in the quarters of Captain Zach Matthews of Starbase 99. The Wolff had pulled in after their incident in the Athos Cluster a week ago, and since then, Oliver had spent a week trying to avoid the Captain's dinner invitation.

He and Zach had gone to the Academy…

» Walk Amongst the Stars

Mission: 48 Hours
Posted on Thu Dec 7th, 2017 @ 10:35am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Oliver, B'rur and Halaylah walked into the Airlock. Oliver grimaced as he looked at the space suits in front of them.

"Okay, here's the plan." He said "With the level of damage caused by the shock wave, re-aligning the main deflector will take around 20 hours. However, I've got another…

» Shockwave

Mission: 48 Hours
Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 6:37pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur & Lieutenant Commander Hunter Anders & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

Oliver sat in the centre of the Bridge. They had entered the Arum Dartan system, where the star they were due to monitor was located. Now, they were holding position whilst B'rur and the science team set up the sensor array to monitor the telemetry coming from the probe they…

» Moral beatings....

Mission: 48 Hours
Posted on Fri Oct 13th, 2017 @ 11:29am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Halaylah

News of the attack on the now dead president of the UFP, had reached Qo'nos and beyond like a wild fire. Intelligence agent, from Cardassia to Qo'nos, had operatives looking into Admiral Lancaster and the crew of the Wolff, let alone draw up any useful information of Pokk as well.…

» Discussion of What's to Come

Mission: 48 Hours
Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2017 @ 10:30am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster & Commander B'rur

Oliver sat on the couch in the corner of his ready room, a padd in hand. He'd slept there, having been reading through report after report. After six months in Spacedock for a refit back to Starfleet spec, the Wolff had been sent out, but that had involved a hell…

Latest Personal Logs

» Commodore's Log 1

Posted on Tue Feb 28th, 2017 @ 9:13pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Commodore's Log, Stardate.... Yeah, probably should've checked that.

It's funny, I always thought that when I got promoted to the Admiralty, I'd be delegated solely to flying a desk. I never thought it would involve another Starship.

The Wolff, a Luna class Starship, is certainly built for the kind of…

» Encrypted Captain's Log 1

Posted on Sun Jul 31st, 2016 @ 6:05pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log, Supplemental.

I just received word from Jack Hendricks. He's offered me a promotion to Fleet Captain, and Zane's old job.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. After all, Fleet Captain Oliver Lancaster sounds better than just Captain.

And yet, I'm hesitating. I can't put my…

» Captain's Log 1.1

Posted on Sun Jul 10th, 2016 @ 8:02am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log.

We recently returned from the Asrani conference. It was a less than simple matter; apparently, the people they were negotiating with weren't all keen to see an alliance. A group of them had infiltrated the conference, and took it hostage, demanding the Asrani submit to their people's rule.…

» Captain's Log, Supplemental 4

Posted on Tue May 31st, 2016 @ 9:00pm by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log, Supplemental.

I've just finished unpacking my things aboard the Asrani delegation ship, and am informed we left the Starbase half an hour ago. No getting out of this diplomatic conference now.

To be fair, it'll be interesting to see, there's no denying that. I just wish I could…

» Captain's Log 2

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2016 @ 8:30am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log, Stardate... I've not checked.

We're having a series of mysterious power fluctuations. Shortly after it began, we received a message from a mysterious figure demanding Tholerot's release. The timing is too suspicious to be coincidence, but I won't tell the crew, not until I know for sure what's…